All Thoughts Lead to Another – Except One

There was this other guy who’d always give his occupation as “rat appraiser.” (He said it almost guaranteed him a certain class of friends.)


And now another few, brief, but I trust, refreshing, moments with the famous Talking Twins:  (Says Number One):  “Sensual reality is reality — for those who are sensual,” and, added Twin Number Two, “As the horny mathematician said, ‘In the dark all numbers look alike.'” (I once asked the gabbing duo if they were fraternal, or identical twins, and Number One replied, “It doesn’t matter,” and Number Two added, “You can say that again,” then they both said in unison, “Yeah — we don’t have to.”  (Boy, those Twins, what a bunch’a guys, what a bunch’a guys!)


Our inspirational
Thought For The Day
(or is that insolent?):

All thoughts
lead to another –
except one.


Over near an office building in the office building district, a fellow told me that he thinks of his own mental processes as a high-tech fighter plane: mostly given to precise maneuvers – yet a bit frisky, and that he reserves the right to bail out.


Another chap writes to say that he’s glad he could be of help . . . (he adds that I can skip any smart ass “come-back” to this).


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