Standing in Line

Wherever he’d go,
this one guy’d stand in line . . .
and if one wasn’t there –
he’d start one.


Even though his last great thought was two years ago, he says he’s even now in rehearsal for a “Grand Come-Back Tour.”


“Woe to me, woe to the world,” moaned this one man, “I have no reason to live.”  A voice asked, “Do you owe money?”  “Yes,” he replied, and the world said, “You’ve got a reason to live.”


One chap gave every organ in his body its own personal name, except one, and then he made himself guess which one it was.


One ole City father told his son, “Son, most men when they can’t find anything else to do, will get themselves falled-in-love.”  After a hefty pause in the conversation the kid inquired, “Geeze Pop, is that all?  Can’t you tell me any more, like how to handle it?” and the elder replied, “If I knew any more about it Son, I wouldn’t have to be here warning you about it.”


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