Everyone’s You

In attempting to perceive upcoming events, this one chap would look to the future.  (He’s trying, he says, to simplify his life.)

“For many years, I have read and pondered the numerous explanations for the presence and purpose of human life, and now, after discovering your program, my mind seems to have taken a new direction.  I am sorely driven to ask you the following:  Why have the philosophers and poets so consistently insisted that, ‘Women have no morals and no character?’  What does this have to do with the fact that men have been the obvious catalyst and cannon fodder in the development of civilization?  I deeply await your reply.  Yours, etc.”  (Yes, I’ll bet you do.)

The ordinary all believe they die by foreign hands – (it’s easier that way).

Everyone’s you,
and then some:
you’re everyone else,
and less so.

Over eighty-three percent of all pieces of “ancient wisdom,” started off as street directions.

One guy’s sentiments exactly:  “As long as we’ve got our memories – who needs the electric chair?”



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