Semi-Finals Approaching

After one fellow decided that the most fun he’s ever had with sex was in “thinking about it,” his neighbor mused that, as with everything else valid, the reverse of this must be useful.  (The subsequent necessity of putting his brain in traction testified as to the inaccuracy of his musing.)


The art of certain improvement
cannot be planned, or else
‘tis no art, and of little
personal improvement.


The ole man said, “Son, if you progress along predictable City lines, the time will come when it will seem to you to be a question of whether to be ‘competitive’ or ‘compatible.’”  He turned and walked away leaving the kid to ponder, “Did he just tell me something?  Ask me something?  Or, give me plans for an air raid shelter.”


In the southern sector of one planet, magicians who can’t perform all night long are required to put their yellow pages listing under a small “m.”

Only ideas you thought of
in your native language
will be discounted
in the semi-finals.


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