Holiday Edition

Holiday Theorem:

The more complicated it is
the harder it is to make it work.

Theorem That Come After That One:

If things were still simple
they wouldn’t still BE working.

(The next theorem
in this progression
is the one YOU’RE living in.)


After certain things had come to pass, this one god told his wife, “I’m going to sleep, wake me when it’s over.”


Supposedly, one guy once said that the best thing about This, is that the more you understand it, the less you have to tell anybody.


After a while in that land, he decided to try a different approach; he would go ahead and pay the piper and then not dance.  (Anti Moral Of The Tale:  Many things can’t BE exported, and proper timing may be one of them.)


An elevator operator told me that she has a patient whose thumb is so close to his index finger that he can only make a fist while his hand is in someone else’s pocket.  (Up please, going up.)


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