Once a Guy…

A viewer writes to say that after reading and pondering The Daily News, and what he takes to be my “metaphorical use” of the idea of a “king” – a directing force – and the “people” – those more passive aspects of a man’s mind, he says that IF this interpretation is correct he would then conclude that the energy that drives a king, and the energy that moves the people, have a relationship such as that between The Reader’s Digest and War And Peace.


A guy who had
an arm ripped off
later denied it.


One guy’s motto was simply –
“Once a guy, always a guy.”


In this one universe, their lead god would sometimes take off all his clothes, stand in front of an omni-directional mirror, and in a voice sarcastic yet compassionate (which was possible through divine intervention), he would rear back and holler, “Where are my critics NOW?”


As the kid dragged his suitcase closer to the door, and nearer to the city, his ole man said, “I don’t wanna give you the willies, or the hemostatic heebie-jeebies son, but once you get into town, if a man ever tells you he’s ‘intelligent,’ he’s either the Great Pretender, or else he’s pulling your leg.”  (The lad was correct in assuming there had to be an additional possibility, but the first two were so disheartening he didn’t wanna think about it any further.)


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