Thinking has Kept Me Alive

In tones braggadocian, a gent by the lake declared, “Thinking has kept me alive.”  And a regent frog reflected, “I suppose one’s inherent vocation could be thought of as, ‘life support.’”


Another viewer writes to say that HE for one is not – and has NEVER – been fooled by my reading of the so-called “Letters from viewers,” (which I have obviously written myself), and he says if I continue with this facade he’s going to actually write me a REAL letter from a viewer.


Hey – and how about this:

Another viewer just wrote to say that I shouldn’t sweat it, and that I should just ignore the previous letter.


One guy’s advice to the kid, “Consider what’s the dumbest thing could happen to you, then, without telling anyone – guard against it.”


Whenever he misspelled a word, this one fellow would claim he’d done so deliberately; (he says he’s now trying to get up the nerve to do this only when caught.)


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