The Last Line

After no small experience in such matters, this one kid one day lay down and day dreamed of heaven as a place where, whenever you’re in a Daily News item, you always have the last line.  (Hey – not in YOUR lifetime, punk!…Just a joke.)


Bathroom graffiti
in that new poet’s truck stop:

“The best thing
about rationalization
is that it’s nobody else’s business.”


Regarding certain acts of creation
this one god’s cousin said,
“I say, aren’t we laying on the
repetition a bit thick, ole man?”


Do you remember:

You can spend your energy and attention on everyday life, or on your private pursuits – and, and, “oh-dear-and,” doubly remember – it all ends up costing the same.


Bravely pushing into areas that may redefine our concepts of logic, this one man, in an attempt to decrease the number of words he misspelled,  dropped eight letters from his alphabet.


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