Bang! Bang! Tuesday

As the civilized would say –
It is the meaningless
that makes life worthwhile.


Over in the City a man told me
that he became famous only
because in his younger days
he couldn’t get into welding class.


Putting on his ole man’s clothes and playing “grown up,” the kid squared himself in front of the hallway mirror, drew his imaginary guns and declared, “What’s the sense of having a thought if you ain’t gonna stick with it – Bang!”


After thinking about it
this one guy says
his first inclination
is just not to die at all.


Ordinary intelligence is offended by facts that conflict with its own, while the Revolutionist could only be offended by being forbade to – OR UN-able to – THINK!


If what you know, you didn’t make up –
How do you KNOW you know it?


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