Back Up!

A forty year old ole sore head said to the fellow next to him on the veranda, “If people had to ‘back up’ what they say, most people would be backin’ up.”


A viewer writes to tell us that, as far as some of the recent programs are concerned, he finds it comforting to now understand that all conclusions are inadequate.


Just to, as he put it, “Keep the people alert and curious,” this one king, as he walked, was followed by a crier who continually proclaimed, after he’d already passed, “Here comes the king, here comes the king!”


“Hey Pop,” said the kid, “This is a real puzzler, can you help me with this condom?”

“Wait son, I believe you mean conundrum.”

“Something tight you pull over your head – right?”

“Right!”  They shook hands and smiled confidently as one.


One chap announced to all his nervous territories, “Those who die by fame die by inches.”  He quickly added, “Hey, it ain’t OUR problem.”


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