Pigs & Cats

Pigs will never be civilized in the fashion of house cats, for within pigs there’s still too much pig. (FYI:  In unacceptably, unabridged dictionaries, the word “still” is synonymous with “always.”)


One guy’s job over in the City
was to more or less do
nothing at all.


As he was pretending to die for the fortieth time that year, the ole grandfather sore head grabbed the kid’s collar and said, “Boy, boy – can you hear me?  Listen up!  Make fun of them before they make fun of you.”


Everything passes,
everything arrives,
everything stays for awhile
and then breaks down.

(All aboard, all aboard.)


(More Facts, Statistics & General Information that you won’t find in just ANY old reference course):  Whenever it would rain, this one guy’d get wet (at one time, he had fifteen billion kin folks).


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