Cards, Anyone?

Using a system he personally developed, this one fellow has adapted his brain so that it will run on natural gas.


There is no “proper way”
to pronounce a word
you don’t like.


Assuring us that he is a “serious viewer,” this one chap writes (in reference to one of my past fables-cum-comments) to ask, “Is simply saying, ‘My hormones made me do it,’ really a good excuse?”  (Sir, they don’t get any gooder.)


There’s this big, never ending
card game going on, and some
of the players believe it’s rigged,
and the more you believe it is,
the more you lose.


Although it can never be officially admitted, or even proven, I can assure you that every City on every planet, in every universe, sets up at least one bus stop where no bus is ever gonna stop.


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