After the wars were over, and the king was stabilizing his territories and authorizing the establishment of public institutions,  he was asked if the priests of the state’s religion should be permitted to wed, the same as for an ordinary citizen, and he replied, “The question is not whether they should be allowed to marry, but whether they should be required to do so.”


Becoming sufficiently plump,
acts become facts.


One would-be vain and glorious fellow had a decision fall upon him (or vice-the-versey) and determined that what his life needed was its own theme song, so he hired a well known composer, but who, after looking over the man’s total existential impact, withdrew. declaring that he didn’t work in the area of “minimalism.”


As just recompense, and an obtuse object lesson, over in this one City, the first person of each new generation to seriously, and originally proclaim – “There are two ways of looking at everything!”  was both exonerated AND executed.


The solution found
for the rodent problem
in one City was to attach
pretty pink bows
to all the rats.


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