One fellow compares
thinking to bobsledding,
(although he admits
he’s never bobsledded.)


Everybody that works for the king
ain’t necessarily paid by the king.


From amidst the crowd around the Third Annual Pushy Guy’s Entrepreneurship & Coin Machine Convention, I heard one man say that in most of his little penny dispensers he’d replaced the gum balls with capsules of brains; he also noted that he was soon forced to drop his prices.  (You know, he could’ve just wandered over from the Ole Sore Head’s meeting across the hall.)


In his attempt to “get along,” a fellow told me he used the following method:  Whenever he hears something he’s never heard before, or something he disagrees with, he simply says, “Well, I’ll eat a frosted doughnut!”  (He says this method has thus far not caused him any irreparable damage.)


In a healthy, vibrant, Secondary world, declarations are almost as important as deeds; (those who do not recognize this fail to do so at the peril of their own good digestion and tranquility).



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