The kind of story one probably shouldn’t tell children…so I’ll just relate it as an example of what probably not to do.  One guy’s partner said to him, “If you really loved me, you’d let me be sick more often.”


From the deep red ravines of its distant time, came a bombastic voice that roared throughout the universe, touching every sun, planet, and molecule, it proclaimed, “Remember, the amount you send is up to you.”


One guy with a family, who all had their own individual idea, theory, motto, or slogan, came to his late in life, and it was, “If you stare while you’re eating, your grub’ll taste like dog food.”  (Yeah, yeah, I know, maybe it didn’t come late enough.)


It would be an insult
to a true singularity
to discuss its singularity.


Just as a little Ha Ha, you know – joke, this one guy’s partner would sometimes play like he wasn’t there…what a joke…(but they couldn’t decide on whom).


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