Drive Away Tuesday

Just paying the “Drive Away” price
won’t let you GET away.


Without a plan, things are
too short, too abrupt and immediate
for Life’s long range needs.


All systems refer only to themselves…
Yeah, I know, but even when they say
they’re doing otherwise, it’s still the same.


Everything’s the “placebo effect”…
(and things that ain’t are just your imagination.)

One time this guy found an astroundingly ferociious beast
that he couldn’t identify, or find in any reference book.
He put is in his pocket. (There is the possibility that he
actually found it in his pocket, but this alternative interferes
with the flow of the tale, so…) He put it in his pocket, where it
stayed until it became his pocket; he then put it in his pants,
where it stayed until it became his pants; he then put his head in
his pants, and what happened after that, you know as well as I do.


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