The Biscuit

A Real Revolutionist would do his Primary duties
(as if there was a choice);

A Real Revolutionist would see to his Secondary duties
(since this IS his choice);

Everything else he did would be to please
his own Muses (responsibilities otherwise unnoted.)


This may have been…or maybe it will be,
the possible title of the best seller of all times
in the Primary world…just maybe’s all I’m saying…
we can’t be sure, but it’s possible the title might be: 
And Still We Cling To That Dear, Warm, Safe And Horny Biscuit.”


While in some locales it may be so that,
“Two wrongs don’t make it right,” three can.  
(Taking now into account the Subversive Law of
“The Enlightening Inequities Of Imposed Imbalance.” 
Ahhh, come on, you remember that one,
about never accepting the word of twins.)


All poets have an enemy…No, no – NOT critics!


Just a minute or so after sundown
a fellow approached me up by the City observatory
and said that after all that had happened,
he was damn near convinced.





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