Sunday Forecast

Through an understandable confusion
with the language, a recent visitor
to our planetary shores mistakenly joined
the Cadillac Church instead of the Catholic.


Life’s Life Forecast
(Long Range):
More of the same
with chances of less.

(Immediate Prognosis):
Mostly the same.

Just think how useless is
a map without boundaries
to an ordinary intellect – Whew! 
Now, by golly, just consider how lucky you are!


At one edge of a three dimensional world
there is a creature who’s in charge of time,
(but so long as you LIVE HERE,
you’ll never meet him.)


They erect statues to past heroes,
when they have no current ones.

P.S.  You should never insist that someone
tell you “Everything they know,”
unless you’re prepared to clean up after them.



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