You Don’t Say!

More Words To Live By
(If You Don’t Live By A Dichotomous Dump):
What you don’t say can be
just as unimportant
as what you do say.


There’s no such thing as “Self-knowledge”…
or else, nothing but…


If you think just “feelin’ alive” is a big deal,
there’s an even BIGGER one.


Hey, don’t jive me –
a real mystic could tell what was being writ
by the sound of the typewriter.


A visitor to one City, upon hearing for the first time
the truism that says, “A moment’s insight is sometimes
worth a life time of experience,” was so overcome with glee,
first by the use of the word, “sometimes,” then by the
inclusion of “experience,” that he subsequently was unable
to have either.


The world’s most uselessly complex sentence:
“Things can and must change.


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