Take the Obvious On…

Regarding something I said recently that, “If you’re sick you won’t get well,”
do note this: that for those with three ears,
or three eyes, (or three most anything, to tell the truth),
this is a most positive statement.


Those who are always wanting to call the roll
are simply embarrassed that they’ve been given some authority,
and don’t know what to do.


One father’s advice to a receptive son,
“Take the obvious early on…
so’s more detailed tracks may follow.”


The first kid said, “I grew up in the generation of Love, Peace and Drugs.”
“And I,” said the second kid, “Grew up in the Uncertain Generation.”
The third kid added, “I grew up in the Greed Is Good generation,”
and the silent fourth kid threw up.


This one guy says he doesn’t much mind his friends calling him “contemptible”
since he realized the alternative would be to be “protemptible”
which is not in the dictionary or realm of respectability.



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