In the Middle of Everything

On certain levels,
on particular days,
at specific temperatures;
the only people who can benefit from silliness are those already infected.


All aspects of three dimensionally based, conscious life
are a matter of momentum,
that is, we all come in in the middle of everything.



I met this one chap who had apparently concocted his own
“Literary Coat of Arms”
with a motto that read, (in Latin of course),
“A man that would re-write
won’t do right.
(You know, some ideas seem to always sound better
in a foreign language – especially if you don’t understand the language.)


From a view outside our time and space,
all things are past redress.



After a life time of study, pondering and thought, (which didn’t culminate in crap),
this one creature finally realized some truth once it was plainly put to him, to wit;
“The one word synonym for everything is ‘natural’.”
He was directly amazed…
(sometime later he was told that a secret synonym for “natural” is “yes,”
and he was then amazed up-tempo.)


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