I’d Like To Look Around…

The older planet told his satellite son,
“Whenever you wonder whether a beckoning
activity is truly essential or not for you personally,
the way to always tell is that only
the non-essential comes with instructions.”


Only a Real Revolutionist can listen to almost anything without losing his temper;
there are some things a Revolutionist will not listen to.


One low-level sorehead muttered as follows,
“I’ve looked at life,
and I’ve looked
at the alternatives, and I’ll say this –
I’d like to look around some more.”



Then he told me that he already had the title for his new book,
(it would actually be his first one, but he wanted me to call it his “new book”) and it is,
“The Expansive Power And Limiting Factors Of Talk.”



A Real Revolutionist is whatever he says he is…
(The beauty of this is that if he says what he is,
he’s no longer a Revolutionist.)





As this one god was leaving, he slapped one of the other gods on the back and said,
“As long as seriousness passes for intelligence
we’ve got a job.”


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