Where’s the Losers?

Where’s the losers?
Here’s the winners:
We’re all diners and
We’re all dinners…
(bon appetite, my cannibalistic foot!)


At the gate to this one particular “After-Life”
stood a guard who announced the following,
“Admission is gained only by correctly responding to a verbal test-
To make it easier on dorks, it’s multiple choice so listen up;
here’s the question and your three possible answers:
Which is the more important?
A list of the ‘5 Most Important Ideas Of The Last 10 Years’, or,
the ‘10 Most Important Ideas Of The Last 5’? and the three choices are:
(A) Both,
(B) What difference does it make, or
(C) .”


After it’s all been said and done
there’ll probably be some who’ll say,
“They sure did say and do a lot!”


(If you’re sick you won’t get well.)


At this one certain, far-away university,
the most popular course in their Adult Evening Program is
“Talk For Beginners.”



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