A Sharp Rap to the Head

The state’s Enforcer was the man with the biggest stick in the territory
and one day whilst brashly buffeting a bewildered citizen he was asked,
“What intellectual training did you undergo to become our police authority?”
And he replied, “When you’re holding the biggest stick
you don’t need no training.”
(With this comment, and a sharp rap to the head,
the subdued citizen was sorely enlightened.)


There are two kinds of health;
health and extraordinary health.


In retaliation (or due to imitation)
another near-by planet passed an ordinance
forbidding, on alternate Thursdays, the inevitable.


In the front of the room, a hand was raised, a query proffered,
“In the battle between might and insight,
which will emerge triumphant?”
And the teacher replied,
“Let us hope that those who must ask such questions
have lots of the former
since they have little of the latter.”


If you do plan to join in with me,
it’s time you noted this:
There is no profit in
studying the individual man,
only the species.


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