The Cosmic Doc Sez: “Watch It!”

The Redoutable Cosmic Doctor sends this periodical update:
“After a certain age, the intellect finds that each new day
brings the possibility of a rottenness setting in,
so Watch It!
(This is easily understood when you realize that while some internal parts,
like man within the overall body-of-life, may be incrementally dying,
the host structure can still be quite healthy and growing, thank you.)

On a somewhat more solemn note (Gimme a break) –
an older cautioned one of his young charges,
“Least you stray off into believing in some perfect refuge,
just take note of this; no one’s safe, even the past is buffeted by the yet-to-be.”
(Look, even though I didn’t say it, I’m still responsible for bringing you the story, so let me remind you that the above notion is non sequential and impossible and so, even beyond that, philosophically speaking,
“Gimme a break.”)

Over in the Spectrum Split Sector, one gent,
with a far-away look in one eye, told me confidentially,
“If it proves correct that a final day of reckoning will come whereby
man’s picture of justice and retribution is fully executed,
I fear, mon ami, that we’re all in for a hard eternity.”

Once the system had expanded to a certain point,
the capital (that is the dominate powers)
decided they needed an intermediary to deal directly
with labor (that is, the submissive),
and once this middle-class, manager mouthpiece was constructed,
he was given his most important – in fact his only – instructions:
to whatever any of the working subordinates
ever said, he was to immediately reply,
“This will never do.”

The way things stand presently, the people in the front ranks
can’t stand to contemplate the real situation…
(Do note, men call themselves “followers” of this god or that –
followers – those who came after the gods…I don’t care
if you are up front, think about it anyway.)


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