Crime Stopper’s Tips

The problem with trying to redeem yourself is in not being able to feel when the job’s complete.

Crime Stopper’s Tip:
The motive for everything is the same.

Being “conscious” in the common sense of the term is this:
Sharing everyone else’s confusion.
Why do it?  There is no need…(other than to be like them).

You don’t need to look for it, but you do probably need someone to help you learn that you don’t.  You do need to find it, and that, you can only do for yourself.

The all-revealingno-more-hiding-and-concealing question that men never ask: 
“From what totally alien place did we come, and through what unknown, irrational door did man  come to get here and be able to live at odds with this environment?  Conflict with nature itself? In other words: Who let us in?”


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