Surprisingly, from the view of a few, the very consciousness that so well serves man, also has its downside.  If not constantly watched, it can interfere with man’s own instinctive cunning.  Due to its endless interest in the world around it, when it is not assisting in one of man’s hunts, it roams.   It goes off on dream-expeditions; soaring into the future; sliding back to the past, but in some manner – always roaming.

Man’s physical instincts, (however), never go anywhere.  They stay home where they belong,
but their operations can be detrimentally affected by the energy siphoned off by consciousness’ constant roaming.

In most cases the effect is too minimal to do any harm, or in fact, to even be noticed…except again by the few.  This condition, natural and common to man, does catch their attention,
although they rarely recognize it for what it is, and give it embarrassing names, and outlandish explanations.

Nevertheless, the actual source of all that, (as poets would have it:  “Troubles men’s souls”),
is the wandering nature of consciousness.  One minute a man driving a car benefits by consciousness’ ability to read a road sign that warns: “Bridge Out Ahead!”  His life is saved, and he is pleased.  A split second afterwards the same consciousness is railing about squandered tax dollars spent on a shoddy highway system.

Then, if he is one of the, one-in-a-million few, and he suddenly becomes conscious of his consciousness, he is displeased, and begins to rant about himself even more harshly than he was just doing about the roads, (or whatever).

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