There are two commonly employed initial approaches:

“I want to feel better,” or,
”I want to understand,

but it eventually comes down to this:
“I want to understand why I don’t feel better.”

The beings on Planet X have the X faculty – which is the greatest thing that ever happened to them.  It is also the most frustrating; and the most annoying; and the most confusing.  Yet without it, they would have never realized when they were frustrated, annoyed and confused.

Temperament and mind; hormones and neurons; horses and saddles; herds and individual yards; passions and purpose, and passion with no visible target.  You either hear clear through the collective-reality-din, or else the cacophony of mass mooing will keep you, forever, distracted and distraught. 

                                          “Forever is a long time!”
                                          “Not as long as mind, though.”

A man can outlive everything except his mental concept of an end.  Immature thinking persists in believing that it came from somewhere, and thus must be going someplace.  Slides and merry-go-rounds to pacify children.  (Up, down – round-and-round.)


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