The resiliency of stupidity, (a synonym for “mind’), is astonishing.  The “non-understanding” that the mind creates for itself is constructively immutable, immoveable, and can withstand all assaults (other than self-scrutiny and waking-up-from-the-daze).
One man says: “I only know one thing for certain, and that is, I do not know who I am…and maybe will never know…but maybe will eventually come to accept that this is how things are…maybe.”  (What this gentlemen’s comments exemplify, is the little used, Maybe-Method of finally learning to see.)
To be a person with only an ordinary sense of intellectual architecture, is to continually have the scintillating experience of being near potentially new mental construction sites, and constantly, breaking-old-ground.

THE ANTI TORQUE METHOD, of continually ratcheting the thing up tighter so it doesn’t slip back, is based on the, everything-is-way-too-loose-to-get-the-job-done view.  SO, do the tighten-up baby, and dance your tenseness away – or, Hey Archie!  (As always, you can also reach the same place via the totally-loosened-up approach.) 

 “Daddy, can I ride the carousel?
“No need my child, just climb on Daddy.

Ladies’ choice – everybody skate!
All you gotta do is just – climb on daddy.


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