Save Your Money

Death is a cost saver like you wouldn’t believe, and death by any means possible:  death by starvation; death by strangulation; death by indifference, and ultimately – death by neglect of the erstwhile mental mistress.

Once she is out of your life, it is astounding the amount of disposable intellectual income you have available.  This new cash is magical.  It doesn’t just “buy” stuff; it exposes all mental “stuff” for what it is – advertising!  There are no products, only their ads.  Behind all promotions is only the promotion itself.  The puffery IS the product; the promises ARE the only fulfillment.

Do you begin to even partially sense the wasted expense of dealing in this commerce?  You get just as much for mooing as you do for not mooing, (plus it leaves your mornings free).

Now there is a key word for a keyed-in person: FREE.  Everything that keeps you confused, dreaming, and captured costs you; it is expense to keep a person confined to a dark room in a foreign country.  Every single thing that the few do not like costs them, while everything they seek is free.

Herein lies the difficulty in realizing that there is nothing you can DO to wake up to what’s actually going on.  All that is possible is to stop doing that which supports your dream life. Give up the illusionary mistress-on-the-side.  Save your money!  Away with her!  Death to ‘em all…and liberating riddance.


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