Illness and Treatment

Let a man write a history of something – anything; then let him rewrite it and take his “I” out of it completely. What will be left will be a picture of him — enlightened.
On one world, the treatment for substance abuse is cocaine.

A thing without depth can’t hurt you;
it shouldn’t even bother you. 
A thing without substance, cannot stop you;
why should you let it even slow you down?! 

As a man wises up, he gradually begins turning to self-medication.  He eventually relies thereon totally; then finally abandons medication altogether.


Question: How does a patient recognize that he is not ill?
By the realization that he and the diagnosing physician are one.

“Ain’t it great to be well!” exclaimed a father to a son.  (He also reminded the lad not to stand too close to you-know-what.  (“All it’ll do is make you sick all over again.”)  “Oh temporal, ain’t it great to be well,” he said.


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