“Why Is Life Like This?”

The answer to: “Why is life like THIS?” is the answer to everything.


The answer to that question reveals to the few everything they have always longed to know, but –What ho? –  Have you already forgotten? There IS no answer to the big question!

The enlightenment and liberation that comes to those who see their interest through to the end, lands on their head, not in the form of an answer to that question, but through the sudden realization of the question’s origin.

Being asleep, dumb, and in-the-dark, is not the problem of the successful genealogist.  He who gets to the roots of things is free of the vines that strangle the trees.  The irritating mental condition that fuels the interests of the few is no longer so irritating when its origins and real nature are recognized. 

“Being asleep” is not what it once was, after you suddenly realize who it is who’s been telling you that you’re asleep, all these years. 

Forget the promise of prizes for answering the questions on life’s quiz show.  Do nothing but keep your eye on the one apparently hosting the show and reading out the questions.  Finally recognizing who “he” is – IS the prize.


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