How to Tell the Idiots from the Imbeciles

A rich and powerful prince once asked a man, who many believed to be awake, to teach him how to become enlightened – which he declined to do.  His unspoken reason being that he had no interest in being around anyone dumb enough to make such a request.

As titillating as smart asses may find the story, its real eroticism comes from seeing it not as a relationship between a prince and a wise man, but between that portion of man’s collective mind that operates in your head, and that renegade slice of your brain that faults same.

Only pinheads hire themselves out to tutor pinheads. 
Only the thoroughly lost act as guides to the irredeemably misplaced,
and only boulders tell trees how to walk. 

People, (and things), too dense to realize what is going on, can never be made to realize that the practical feature of this fact is in you finally recognizing that your own thoughts can never enlighten themselves, and that totally captive thing in you that says, ”I,” will never lead you to liberation.

No doctor can ever cure himself who is not ill to begin with, and no sleeper can be awakened whose natural state is slumber.  No cave dweller can be enticed into the light who has no eyes with which to see.


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