Hard Times and Mistaken Views

Sarcasm:  A sissy’s fist.
Cynicism:  Throwing the piss out of your tent.

Love:  What kiddy mystics talk about when they dress up in adults’ clothes…instead of sex.

Advice:  A clown with his hand on his back, pushing him on stage.            
Thinking:  A form of self-hypnosis, but without a self.
Things-in-the-non-material-world:  Shadows cast by the thing looking at them.

A guru:  A hired clown.
The-end-of-the-world:  The end of your nose.
Being-in-the-dark:  A condition disliked by some, but only when they think about it, not while they’re there.

Hard times:  The search for mental Viagra.
Mistaken views:  Views.
Revealed wisdom:  Mistaken views.


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