Thinking About Thinking

Even your MIND doesn’t think about YOU.  Your mind thinks about itself, and all comments it makes apparently about you, are always about it.  The mind can do nothing else, and to suddenly see this for yourself, is like being suddenly set free…or having a mechanic tell you that it was only a fouled plug.

Here is what you can practically do: determine to remind yourself for the rest of today, that every identifiable matter that your mind grabs hold of, is actually your mind grabbing itself.  Literally repeat this to yourself as you observe the yard-dog-of-your-mind, latching onto the bumper of some passing thought-vehicle; pretending that it is thinking about the thing it is chewing on, when the discoverable truth is that it is merely chewing on itself – as always.

Whenever the mind in your head says, “I’m thinking about – this matter”— it is really thinking about thinking – in its own crude way it is attempting to understand what is going on, and achieve Enlightenment!   But ordinary minds never quite get over that edge, over the naturally attractive mental place where the mind is still able to pretend that it is studying life while looking outward, while looking away from itself.

That’s the bad news – but that’s okay, because now you have the good news – that is – you know what the bad news is, and what to do about it. You can’t ask for more than that, (unless you do expect to receive a free Porsche every year just for waking up).


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