Whining is an invisible glue that helps hold a herd together.  Good for a herd, but an intolerable hobble for a cow wanting to break free and run loose on his own.  The instinctive workings of cow brains cause them to continually find fault with life-in-the-herd, due almost exclusively to the unthinking, offensive mental behavior of other cows.  If cows did not find one another irritating at herd level, herds would disintegrate, and routine bovines require the close mental companionship of their fellow creatures to maintain a minimal level of neural activity.

There is no scientific reason for anyone to whine, other than from physical pain – and, the body does not whine.  Whining comes from but one place – the mind; from a place that has no feelings, no sensory nerves, no sensations of pain.  What the hell does it have to whine about? – other cows’ whining, that’s what!

No cow likes what another cow has to say, unless it agrees with what he has to say.  If what another cow says doesn’t match up with what you think, you find his ideas nothing more than idle whining. All cows think that all other cows should, “Get over it!”   Get over what? – being a cow?  Does anyone actually believe that anything a cow can do will ever enable it to fly, or do anything not dictated by the wiring of the bovine brain?  Cows run too close together in herds to suit a few, and tend too often to moo in unison – but that’s the intractable nature of cows.

YOU get over it.  You whining about it simply secures your place in the herd.  To see what is going on, and break free, don’t let the dust of herd life stick to you – which it won’t, if you don’t keep looking at it and whining about it.  Take a lesson from how the kosher GI tract of geese deals with pork.  Let everything pass right thru you; be Super Goose: swallow whole hams in a single gulp, and forget they ever crossed your lips. 

A mind that has seen the-open-plain is then large enough to accept it all.  It resists nothing, realizing that, in so doing, it resists reality, and turns away from the goal it has so long sought. Relax – surrender, give it up, and go for a barefooted run amongst the imaginary cow patties The feeling of freedom is indescribable.


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