Lunch Time

When it comes to matters that are strictly mental, the mind is strictly – indiscriminate.  A man may sincerely study a teaching that talks about the secret, but he will not be studying the secret.   He may carefully peruse words about the understanding, but the understanding has all words for lunch.

When the mind looks away, (which is to say), away to a teaching; away to words; to any teaching, to any words, (even those about itself), it looks where nothing of any benefit lies. It indeed looks where nothing exists concerning itself, save the dreams that it, and its ancestors, have fathered.

A ship shape man is not discouraged at all by this – what would be the point?! What he would do is consider, “If this description of what I am interested in is accurate, what does it offer to reveal to me about the true nature of my interest, and how, most efficiently, to pursue it?”

That is what a land loaded man would ponder, “Why does the achieving of this goal seem always just beyond my grasp – just beyond?  And why do I constantly feel that I almost know the secret – almost?!  Always – ‘just beyond,’ and ‘almost’…is there something obvious, and important that I am missing here?”

This is what a galactic geared man would be asking himself – the eternal, the cosmic, the infinite and infinitely delectable question: “Who is it in me at this very moment that is asking; ‘Who is it in me at this very moment that is asking…?’”

He who gets to the bottom of this – understands it all.


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