One Mind: One Time: One Place

The dead will not only “bury the dead,” but will RE-bury them over, and over, and over again; and indeed will actually live a greater part of their lives in the graveyard – weeping over the illusion of a past.

                                   A man with regrets is a dead man standing.

Everybody has a palm pilot, (an electronic butler), implanted in their head that constantly reminds them of their life thus far, and dream-weaves a presumed, pertinent future.

                                  A man with a tomorrow – died yesterday.

A man, who handed out maps, that perhaps pointed in the right direction, published them under the title: “One Mind: One Time: One Place.”

In the far away – mystic-hall of the far away – secret mystic-master, the great secret was: 

Do it NOW.


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