Compared to the best in-town sophisticated minds, a man-with-the-understanding doesn’t care about anything superfluous.  He may even sometimes indulge, but knowing-what’s-going-on restrains one from taking the merely mental for something substantial.

man-who-understands, has in his neural townhouse, copies of every mental brick-a-brack 
ever produced by man.  He has held them, read them, listened to them, examined them in all needed detail, and has complete, uncompromised knowledge of their value, which is totally spurious, and individually specious to each person.  Hence, to him, their possession or loss 
could not be less meaningful.  He doesn’t care what gets newly cooked up by ordinary minds, nor its fate in the marketplace.  He has no mental furniture of his own to which he is attached, and would not be bothered at all should you come in and sit all over, criticize and make fun of it, even spill your own ideological drink all over it.

Living is the only recognizable, OBJECTIVE meaning to life; compared to everything else it is simply a way to kill time.  Ordinary people take the time killers seriously, (which is their business).  A few men are born uniquely uneasy, and with a singular hunger for a great wealth;
a wealth of mind such that everything a human can potentially think is found therein; thus are no mental possessions unknown, or foreign to him.  Having had, at one time, possession of them all, he now has no personal feelings as to whether they stay or go.  Concerns of acquisition and loss in this area are, to him, totally without meaning.

Test: Can you tell the difference between breathing and praying; eating and fasting; doing and dreaming?

IT’S GOOD TO BE RICH, (the same as in the physical world).
(You’re not TRULY rich unless you don’t even know how rich you ARE.)

Behind your back (behind everyone’s back), a man with The Understanding is laughing at you Oh, not personally at you; he is all the time laughing at what purports to be HIMSELF, which eventually trickles on down to what claims to be you, and everyone else.  (And by the by; you can use this profitably on yourself.  Try it, you’ll like it…at least more than you do trying to stay jammed into that straightjacket of an apparent-self that life’s outfitted you with now.)


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