Nothing from Nothing = Nothing

The benefit of being incalculably rich in the mental realm is that burglaries, (and attempted break-ins), that so distress the ordinary are of no significance whatever.  A man who knows-what-is-going-on, (in the mortal neighborhood), knows the true value of everything in his mental possession.  He knows where it came from, how he obtained it, where to get more, and best of all, even how to recover its purchase price.

Can you sing: 

“Nothing from nothing equals nothing,

but it becomes SOMETHING
if you realize the math involved.”

If you could get in and plunder the in-town mental place where such a man stays, it would disturb him not a bit.  You could believe that you had insultingly trampled all over his expensive carpets, and he’d pay it no mind.  Mud does not mud deface.

The benefit of being incalculably rich-in-understanding is that it is always open house at your house.  It doesn’t matter if strangers, even those with ill intentions, roam through your public residence – pilfer your stuff, break your stuff, criticize your stuff – it means nothing because it’s all just stuff.  (And if you think I have incurred some loss, don’t bother me with it:  “Talk to my insurance company.”)

The other, more expansive benefit of infinite mental wealth is beyond insouciance regarding the ephemeral comings, and the eternal goings, of meaningless possessions.  It is the reward of not caring, (about everything meaningless, that is).


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