Forever has Man longed to name his unknown future, and from such desire has arisen the various names for his gods. But there are descriptions not usually heard, some of which I now relate to you:

My eyes and hunger lifts up to that which is:

The tree of all fruit,
The flower of all colors,
The fields of all harvests,
The passionately unaffected.
That which must not be forgotten,
That which is all unto itself,
That which longs for discovery,
The warm rays of tomorrow’s sun.
The song of all melodies,
The dance of all rhythms,
The verse of all rhymes,
The prayer of all understandings.
That which I find in solitude,
The one I recognize in all crowds,
The store of all secrets,
That which is my mother, my father, my lover, my friend.
The sea of all faces,
The cry of all tongues,
The dreams of all sleepers,
The dawn of all travelers.
The builder of all joy,
The destroyer of all sorrow,
The sustainer of all hope,
The great cause beyond all effect.

It is:

That which I know, but cannot say,
That which I see, but cannot describe,
That which I feel, but dare not disturb,
That beyond all conditions,
The source of all distinctions,
The destroyer of all differences,
It is I – fully realized.

Jan Cox, The Daily News (12/25/22)

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