Inner Richness

Bare, we’re babies born; but ownership makes The Man.  It takes an inner richness, a normal life to lead.


Cows arriving empty-hoofed are shunned by The City.  In the cultured world, the lingua franca is knowing things.  Just to reach the outskirts of town, cattle must be fittingly oriented in the physical realm, but to gain entry to society, they must bring with them the ability to recount some of its history.  (And moo with an insider’s accent.)

You must be wealthy to be taken in by Harvard; possess much to sit with the-trilateral-commission, or get your call aired on a radio talk show, and be flush with inner goods to be welcomed by the-great-mystical-brotherhood-that runs-everything.  Poor men need not apply for anything worthwhile in The City.  Only the rich thrive.

The City is the natural intellectual home for man; a place busy and complex – a place forever changing – place of great neural entertainment, many flashing lights, and a multitude of sounds.  The richness of the place perfectly reflects the inner wealth of its citizens.

The key is – poverty.


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