The Costume Shop

The only difference between a man WITH the understanding and those without it is that a man with it doesn’t pretend to know things that he knows he does not know, while everything that everyone without the understanding knows – they just pretend to know.  It is more likely that you could dress up like Stalin-in-drag, and still “be yourself” than for you to talk knowingly about things that you know you don’t understand, and not feel like a strange intruder in your own body.

Long before you got here, mind, man, and life were arranged so that, almost as soon as their brain begins to produce thought, people start pretending to know things that they do not know.  Such is mind; such is the power and TALENT of mind; but it is a disguise, a costume men naturally wear that makes them appear, to themselves and to each other, as more intelligent, at the moment, than they are.

This is a stunning, and generally useful talent, except when blindly exercised by a man who wants to get-to-the-bottom-of-things, for what IS at the bottom of everything is mind, and you can never suddenly understand it.  As long as you keep staring at its little fingers, waving in front of your eyes/I’s, hypnotizing you into pretending to be a man who, knows-what-he-is-talking-about. Wake up! NO ONE knows what they’re talking about – that’s what talk is for.

It’s  well past sunrise don’t you think it’s about time to get up, take off that ridiculous pedantic disguise, and just be yourself – a regular person who doesn’t know shit.

It’s never too late and it’s never too early – it’s always right now –  the only closing time possible for the costume shop.  Be a person who wears only one garment and internally – be a person with nothing on.

Don’t forget:  The Open Door Policy and the fact that it doesn’t matter if the Invisible Man (mind)is naked or not.


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