Far Away

There was once a man who wanted to go FAR AWAY; more than anything else he wanted to leave where he was and go FAR AWAY.

He read about, FAR AWAY; he dreamed about, FAR AWAY; he discussed, FAR AWAY with others, and he would sit on his roof and look off in the direction of FAR AWAY.

One day, while being examined for a curious ill, it was discovered that the words, FAR AWAY
had been tattooed on the inside of his eye lids.

“How can this be?”

There was once a man who had a ventriloquism act; just he and his dummy.  All went well for a while until one day the man suddenly realized that it was not him making the dummy speak.

“All these years,” he pondered, “Listening to the dummy talk, and thinking that I was listening to my own voice; but now I realize that for all these years I actually HAVE BEEN listening to him talk!

“How can this be?” 


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