The Truth About Thinking

I am telling you, out loud, right here in public, The Big Secret:  being enlightened is not in understanding what “god I,” or what “Truth” or even “Beauty” are, but is in understanding what thinking is.

For anyone who may have been interested in this kind of thing for some time, but has been frustrated by a lack of meaningful progress, here is a way to inevitably cause inner movement. Things in you cannot remain as they are if you undertake a constant, relentless turning of your thoughts onto the matter of thinking.

Do it as non-verbally as possible, and whatever you do, don’t give any attention to the individual thoughts themselves.  Ideas are no good for awakening – only thoughts about the nature of ideas.

And let me give you a closing tip:
There is no great: “Statement Of The Truth About Thinking” that awakening brings.  It is just the sudden realization of what thinking is, and how it alone is responsible for the world of dreams in which ordinary men partially live, (and take seriously), but which the clear-headed man finds merely amusing.

Knowing what thinking is, is knowing all there is to know.


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