The Truth About All Rodeos

You do not wake up to the plain reality of things that are hidden behind the fancy version, by studying what you or anyone else thinks about.  The subject to be studied is – thinking itself.

Only thought supports the dream world of an unenlightened man – not any particular things that he may think about, but just thinking; the operation itself.  This is what bucks off and tramples most would-be riders.  Who will pick themselves up from the dust, brush off their chaps, and tell themselves more strongly than before of the importance of: “Knowing your bull!”  This is the illusion and all you need to know is:  The Truth About All Rodeos.

If you want to immediately start sharpening your ability to eventually, see-through-all-the-smoke, then start now to ignore the thoughts that pass through your head, and instead, pay attention only to the matter of:  “What is it that produces these things?”

I could frame the question from other verbal perspectives, but eventually all such inquires lead to the same discovery.  I have simply framed it in as direct a fashion as seems presently possible for mass, random consideration.

No man can tell another, what it will be like for him to be awake, but you can be validly informed of this:  Being awake is when your thinking suddenly understands what thinking is.


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