A Tip Regarding the Clothing of the Neural

From the Old Mailbag:

“Who can I write to at your News to tell you that I’m not going to read you any more?”




               A Tip Regarding the Clothing of the Neural
If indeed you are “coming apart”—
it will be “at the seams.”

This is not merely a warning for the routinely “fashion conscious,” or your everyday seamstress, but rather potentially useful information for those engaged in (shall we say) other kinds of construction activities, in that it points specifically where to look when things appear intent on decomposing and disintegrating.




Everyone has a weak spot:

regarding the body, it’s in the genes;
regarding the mind…well, no one really wants to get into this.




Another from the Old Mailbag:

“Okay then, if fake mystics take illness as a metaphor for life, what would real ones use?”


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