The Living Have No Past

To live a more objective life of sincerity without induced seriousness is to deal in necessary agreement without commitment.



Ordinary maps direct one to a final, identifiable location, while Work maps only point to an infinite journey.  Even though one may discover a System close to the Ultimate Map, it too does not end, but rather throws one continually into new, uncertain places just beyond the last perceived point on the map; to be pushed toward the forever Future/Now.



The Sandy Path and all pseudo-systems adopt a rigid map and force reality to conform.  But we all know better than that…right?  (Although it may now and again slip the ole mind…right?)



The three forces can be considered as symbolic of the past, present and future, and with an ordinary man’s consciousness the present moves so swiftly to the past as to be almost nonexistent.  His sense-of-now is real enough for him, but it is simply whatever he attempts to sustain through his mechanical memory.  And consider that such memory is tied to the past, linked to destruction; the foundation of walking-sleep.



Real Work exists only in the future and only the Future/Now can be creative.  Even the apparent study of previously established teachings and systems are dangerous for the serious, in that what is actually being attempted is to understand an understanding of the past, which is no longer creative.  No matter what the natural mind may say, and no matter the apparent power of memory, that which is in and of the past is dead and dangerous to the living.  Only the living/dead can abide such morbific conditions.  The living have no past.


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