Two Ideas: Hope and Fear

You can see, if you are a person of strength and determination, one of the two holes motivating the small, individual affairs of you and the one next to you.

If we still spoke in such a fashion I would truly call them demons-of-the-first-order.  They both are devilishly tricky and subtle, and their routine power is always superior to any resolve of any ordinary man.

The power and charge of these two ideas/holes is such that they operate on a worldwide level, so entrenched by habit and mechanical acceptance, that they can carry their germs and errors even into the life of a person attempting to Work Struggle, and they go generally unnoticed.

Many of you now easily refer to my little friend Zork, and tacitly allege some familiarity.  But he still operates and controls in his necessary manner by many times falling back onto personality’s mechanical, mental dependence on false hope and foolish fear.

If this all seems to be too theoretical, then ask yourselves how you suffer and complain without these two grand, grand ideas?  Ask yourselves how you are emotionally injured and how you attempt retaliation without these two splendid demons?


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