The White Stallion

What is the final insult?  Hearing a priest’s words translated into a foreign language.
What is the first insult?  Hearing him speak in his native tongue.



The struggle to Awaken is the only quality form of human labor.



Could men accept the possibility that more Awakened states might not be concerned with “seeing things never seen by men,” but might be in simply seeing whatever one couldn’t see now?



Once, two boys who were friends were out in the fields, and far up on a distant hill they spied a giant white stallion that pranced on its hind feet, flashed fire from its eyes and filled the air with trembling sounds before disappearing.  Once home, the first boy tried to tell everyone about the white horse, but no one could find it and they scorned him.  The other boy learned a lesson and never mentioned the horse to anyone.



I have heard it said that man’s religious leaders pray on their knees, but it seems to me that they prey on almost anything…their neighbors, their enemies, hopes, fears…



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